You in your power, your truth, flowing with life & your intuition is what changes the world. You deserve to feel empowered, connected, & honor that deep knowing inside of you.

We feel so passionate about helping lightworkers, those called to help heal the world, by healing themselves & reconnecting to their innate psychic & intuitive abilities. 

Join us today for FREE and experience all the amazing benefits of connecting to your inner knowing and flowing with life. No longer resisting. 

This is for you. Always 100% for you to flourish.

Embrace the magic that awaits you!

Laila & Amy- Soul Wise LA

What Our Members Are Saying:

I am so thankful Laila and Amy came together to open up the Soul Wise LA membership. I love that I have a positive place to check in daily with support from the other members along with the meditations, channeled messages, energy sessions, Q&A's and much more. There is an abundant amount of valuable information and I'm very grateful. Thank you both for providing such an amazing service for this community.